Hand Grip Exercises to Improve Strength and Flexibility

The Benefits of a Strong Hand Grip

Having a strong grip can benefit you in many ways. One of which is your handshake. Some people think that a firm handshake is a sign of trustworthiness, and may frown upon you if you give them a loose handshake. You may be the most trustworthy person, but many look at actions instead of words. Besides this, however, there are other benefits to a strong grip. It gives you plenty of strength to your hands. This allows you to grip weights and lift them with ease. If you’re playing a game such as baseball or tennis, you can react to shots much better than if you had a loose grip. It also allows you to pull yourself up easier, great when you’re hanging off a cliff. Okay, maybe you’re not going to end up having to do that, but you never know. Besides that, it can make the rest of your arms look bulky too, and you can carry stuff around with much better endurance than before.

“Sign me up,” you’re saying. Well, there are plenty of exercises you do to give you that strong grip. These can be done either at home or at the gym. To do them, you need some lightweight dumbbells, a barbell, a medicine ball and a pair of hand grippers. These will allow you to do all the exercises on this list.

  • Before the workouts, however, you need to do a few stretches. There are a few you can do beforehand, and they’re listed below.
  • Keep your shoulders down and then raise your hands in front of you, assuring they’re parallel to the floor. After that, raise both hands so your palms look at you in the front, with your fingers pointing upwards.
  • Do the above for half a minute, making sure your breathing isn’t heavy. After that, let your hands go and shake them off while they’re at your sides.
  • Hold them again in front of you and ball them in a fist, pointing them downwards. Hold this for thirty seconds. After that, shake them off.
  • Ball them into a fist again, but this time, have your thumbs on the inside. Twist them and hold both straight, almost as if you’re aiming with a gun. Using your left hand, pull your right fist in, Repeat with your left hand fist upwards.

Now that you’re all stretched, let’s do some exercises.

 The Static Barbell Hold

To this exercise, grab your barbell and lift it upwards, bending your arms at an about 90 degree angle. Hold them to your sides, and hold the barbell for about two minutes, one if you can’t handle that. Keep your wrists forward. For a challenge, wrap your barbell in a towel and do this exercise. This will increase your pinching.

 Dumbbell Rotating

This exercise is a two for one deal. It not only increases your grip, but also works your forearm muscles. To do this, get two dumbbells and hold them at a 90 degree angle. Make sure to have your arms bent in front of you.hand exercise To reduce injury, relax your shoulders and put your elbows to the side. Meanwhile, move the dumbbells away from your sides through turning, and move them as far as possible. If you feel yourself straining too much, stop. Finally, bring them back to their first position slowly. For a challenge, rotate them to the opposite direction.

 Squeeze Ball

Break out your medicine ball and let’s get started! Holding it in a hand, grip it in a vice-like manner, working it up. Holding the ball in front of your face, wrap your digits around the ball. Squeeze it occasionally for about a minute. While doing that, raise the ball above you, squeezing for another minute. Do the same thing to your side, and then repeat with your other hand.

 Hand Gripper

You may have heard of these things. They’re the two handles with a spring in the center, and they’re usually a pain to grip. You can do lots of workouts with these.
Hold the device in one hand and make a repetition before switching hands. Then do the first hand and make two repetitions, and so on.
Grip it for as long as possible, timing yourself. Switch hands and time with that one too. See if you can beat your own records!
Try to see how many repetitions you can make in a certain amount of time. Then, switch to the other hand. Make sure you do a full repetition as well.

 Shoulder and Forearm

This helps with the entire range of arm muscles. To do this, get down on your knees and hands, putting them under your hips. Move your shoulders to your back and don’t let them drop. Move down to the floor, sucking in your naval. Life the torso up with your forearms and stop when you reach your hips. For a few breaths, keep this position, then go back down. Move back to your knees and push them backwards. Make sure you lunge down, and lift your upper shoulders. Don’t move them over your head. After moving back up, put yourself in a plank position, and then descend your core slowly. Lift your torso up once again, posing like a snake ready to strike, then hold it. Don’t overexert yourself, and stretch afterwards.

These are the many hand grip exercises you can do. They have lots of benefits, such as giving you a literal upper-hand when it comes to sports, mountain climbing, and even giving new people your trust. And anyone can do it. Try some of these exercises out once a week or so, and start off slowly. Once you build some momentum, increase the frequency of these workouts as well as how much you do them every week. Soon, you’ll have the ultimate grip, and you’ll be able to do so much more that it’s not even funny. Try them out, and happy gripping.

Sam Crawford

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